About Happytiger.co.uk

Happytiger.co.uk operates in Great Britain with a remote casino operating license issued by the Gambling Commission.

All activity at Happytiger.co.uk is regulated by the Gambling Commission and complies with all legal requirements in terms of security, anti-money laundering, social responsibility, consumer protection etc., as stipulated by the Gambling Commission and the applicable laws.

Our values:

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Entertainment


Our customers can rest assured that our gaming solutions always take their interests into account in an optimal manner. We operate all games and manage financial transactions securely. We comply with all aspects of the law for the benefit of our customers.


We will always work hard to provide the latest games, technology and the most entertaining methods of gambling. We have a team of professional and dedicated developers who continually work on improving and renewing our games. We want to be the gaming site with the highest output of new games per year in Great Britain.


Playing our games should be enjoyable. Therefore, we focus on ensuring that our games last a long time without costing a fortune. We aim to make it possible to share the enjoyment of playing games with others, and obviously, our games allow players to win big prizes.


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