Terms of use of games on Happytiger.co.uk

All games on Happytiger.co.uk are provided by Happytiger.co.uk
The following terms and conditions apply to these:

General terms and conditions

The terms and conditions set out below apply to all use of Happytiger.co.uk. The terms and conditions are effective from 15/07/2021.

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to any use of Happytiger.co.uk, including the creation of a gambling account and participation in gambling. The terms and conditions are supplemented by the specific game rules, bonus conditions etc. in place at any given time, which apply to the individual games provided on Happytiger.co.uk.
In order to participate in gambling on Happytiger.co.uk, the customer must create a gambling account. By setting up a gambling account on Happytiger.co.uk, the customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions. The requirement to abide by the terms and conditions constitutes a binding agreement between Happytiger.co.uk and the customer.
Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Customers will be notified of any material changes to the terms and conditions before they come into effect at the customer’s next login to Happytiger.co.uk.
Happytiger.co.uk is provided by Happytiger.co.uk ApS, Lauritzens Plads 1, 4., DK-9000 Aalborg, Central Business Registration no. 41473150. Happytiger is licensed in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission with licence reference 000-057641-R-333524-001. Follow this link; https://registers.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/57641 for more information about the license.

2. Gambling account

A customer must set up an account on Happytiger.co.uk in order to take part in gambling. Each individual is restricted to one gambling account.
In order to register customer details and set up a gambling account, and to take part in gambling, you must be a natural person:
  • aged 18 or above;
  • not declared personally bankrupt;
  • not declared legally incapacitated or placed under guardianship or conservatorship;
  • registered under your own name;
  • playing on your own gambling account and with your own money;
  • not self-excluded from gambling with Happytiger or registered with GAMSTOP; and
  • not employed by CEGO A/S or any affiliated company, including Happytiger.co.uk ApS.
Happytiger reserves the right to request proof of age and perform checks in order to verify the information provided. A Happytiger account may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.

The customer must inform Happytiger.co.uk immediately if one or more of the above requirements is no longer satisfied.
To register as a customer on Happytiger.co.uk, you must set up a username and password and enter your name, e-mail, address and date of birth. A customer’s identity and age will be verified on creation of a gambling account.
The customer hereby consents to Happytiger.co.uk confirming the customer’s details, including verification by a third-party provider of age and identity verification. If these details cannot be confirmed using our automated systems, the customer may be asked to verify their identity by providing documentation showing the accuracy of the information in accordance with Happytiger.co.uk’s guidelines in place at any given time, including copies of e.g. their driver’s licence, passport, utility bill or bank statement. Happytiger.co.uk may also ask the customer to provide further identity documentation to verify these details at any time.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all details entered at registration time are correct. Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to correct the details entered by the customer if these do not match the information obtained by Happytiger.co.uk.
The customer’s username and password must be used for every login to the gambling account via Happytiger.co.uk.
If there are any changes to the information given by the customer at the time of registration on Happytiger.co.uk, including any change to the customer’s name, address etc., the customer must update his/her details on Happytiger.co.uk or contact Happytiger.co.uk’s customer service.
The gambling account is personal and must not be shared with any other individual. A customer must not allow any other person to use their account. The customer may take part in gambling as a private individual only, on their own gambling account and exclusively for leisure and entertainment purposes. Any violation of this rule will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions and may lead to the gambling account to be closed immediately.
The customer must therefore store and use the login details in a responsible and secure manner, to ensure that they are not disclosed to others. The customer must also monitor the gambling account for possible misuse. This may be done by watching for changes to the gambling account history, balance and latest login which have not been made by the customer him/herself. If the customer suspects that unauthorised gambling and transactions have been undertaken from the customer’s gambling account, the customer must immediately change the password and contact Happytiger.co.uk, which may then suspend the customer’s gambling account.

3. Closure, suspension, restriction etc.

Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right, at any time and with binding effect on the parties, including where there are concerns about security, money laundering or responsible gambling, where the customer has provided false information, breached these terms and conditions or misused his/her gambling account, or where the customer’s behaviour indicates gambling harm or addiction:
  • to refuse to set up a gambling account for a customer or to close an existing gambling account and terminate the registration; when closing a gambling account at its own instigation, Happytiger.co.uk will send a reasoned decision with supporting documentation to the customer, and any credit balance held on the gambling account will be paid into the customer’s bank account within 5 working days;
  • to suspend the customer’s gambling account on Happytiger.co.uk; after suspending the gambling account, Happytiger.co.uk will reach a decision on whether to extend the suspension or to close the account within a reasonable time; the money will remain in the gambling account and if the customer wishes to have it paid into his/her bank account during this time, they must contact Happytiger.co.uk’s customerservice team;
  • to reject deposits into the gambling account; and
  • to exclude or cancel a customer’s participation in gambling, including games, competitions, tournaments, bonuses or other activities offered by Happytiger.co.uk.
Happytiger.co.uk further reserves the right wholly or partly to restrict the gambling account, including deposit and withdrawal facilities and available games, to cancel games and to reverse or cancel the payment of winnings etc. if one or more of the following prohibited activities has been observed or suspected:
  • incitement or involvement in cheating, including collusion, deceit, fraud or other unlawful activities;
  • bonus abuse (for example (but not restricted to) breaching terms and conditions of a bonus, providing registration information which is false or incorrect, creating multiple accounts or using IP hiding software, allowing others to use the gambling account, colluding with others, sharing logins or using gambling patterns, devices or robots which distort regular gameplay);
  • money laundering or financing of terrorism, and attempts to do so;
  • attempted or actual exploitation of errors in games or errors or software faults in the Happytiger.co.uk platform, including hacking;
  • use of robots, applications or other software with the intention of influencing games, including their progress and outcome;
  • misuse of the gambling account, including playing against oneself or using other people’s gambling accounts;
  • breaches of these terms and conditions, specific game rules and chat rules;
  • other improper behaviour which Happytiger.co.uk considers contrary to the intent of gambling and the associated functionality.
Happytiger.co.uk cannot be held liable for any losses resulting from refusal, closure, suspension, restriction etc. of accounts.

4. Transactions

In order to gamble with Happytiger.co.uk, the customer must deposit funds to his/her gambling account. Happytiger.co.uk does not accept cash payments, bank transfers etc. Funds will usually be credited to the customer’s gambling account immediately after Happytiger.co.uk has received the payment.
If a customer’s deposit of funds into the gambling account is reversed by the bank, e.g. due to chargeback, Happytiger.co.uk may deduct an amount equal to the reversed amount from the customer’s gambling account balance, whether or not there is enough in the gambling account to cover this. If Happytiger.co.uk incurs costs as a result of the reversal from the bank, Happytiger.co.uk also reserves the right to deduct an amount equal to the costs incurred from the customer’s gambling account. If there is not enough in the customer’s gambling account to cover the amount, Happytiger.co.uk may offset the outstanding amount against the customer’s future deposit of funds into the gambling account or against any winnings paid into the gambling account.
Winnings on Happytiger.co.uk will be credited to the customer’s gambling account immediately after the relevant game has finished.
Any money held in the gambling account may only be paid out to the customer’s bank account using the same payment method with which the funds were deposited. Payment will be made via the withdrawal function on the customer’s gambling account. Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to charge the customer for the actual administrative fees Happytiger.co.uk incurs from the payment service provider and the acquirer for processing withdrawals made by the customer.
If the transfer of winnings into a customer’s gambling account or a transfer of funds to a customer’s bank account has been made incorrectly, e.g. because the winnings have been miscalculated or the customer is suspected of cheating, including exploiting errors etc. on Happytiger.co.uk, misuse of a payment card or other breach of these terms and conditions, Happytiger.co.uk may recover the relevant amount. If there is not enough in the customer’s gambling account to cover the amount, Happytiger.co.uk may offset the outstanding amount against the customer’s future deposit of funds into the gambling account or against any winnings paid into the gambling account.
The customer has access via the gambling account to details of the balance on the gambling account and the gambling account history, including wagers, winnings and losses, payments in and out and other transactions. These details are available on the gambling account for the past 90 days. If the customer wishes to be provided with all of his/her transactions, this can be requested from Happytiger.co.uk’s customer service. A customer’s full transaction details will be provided to a customer. The customer should immediately report any discrepancies to Happytiger.co.uk’s customer service.
It is not possible to play on credit on Happytiger.co.uk or otherwise wager more than is held in the customer’s gambling account.
Happytiger.co.uk only accepts pound sterling (GBP). All amounts on Happytiger.co.uk are quoted in pound sterling (GBP). No interest will be paid on gambling account balances.
Happytiger.co.uk is required by its licence to inform customers what happens to funds which it holds on account for customers and the extent to which funds are protected in the event of insolvency of Happytiger.co.uk. Details of which can be found on the UK Gambling Commission website: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Your-rights/Protection-of-customer-funds.aspx.

The customers balances are not protected in the event of insolvency: Not protected segregation.

5. Interrupting a game

If the customer leaves an ongoing game, the game will be saved on Happytiger.co.uk, and the customer will be able to continue the game via his/her gambling account for up to 48 hours after the interruption. With games supplied by third-party software providers, it may be possible for the customer to continue the game via his/her gambling account for up to three months after the interruption. In the event of an error which makes it impossible for the customer to continue the game after the interruption as described above, the customer will be reimbursed, only to the extent refunding the stake is applicable, to the customer’s gambling account.

6. Bonuses, tournaments, promotions etc.

Happytiger.co.uk may offer the customer a bonus e.g. on creation of a gambling account, deposit of funds and participation in games. Only one bonus can be used per gambling account per event. Where a bonus is offered, this will be clearly stated on Happytiger.co.uk, with all significant terms clearly set out in the same place as the offer. A customer may only have one active bonus at a time per product. In order to activate another bonus, any active bonus must therefore be played to the end or closed. Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to cancel a customer’s bonus at any time if it judges that the rules for a bonus described in these terms and conditions or the bonus terms have not been complied with, or in the event of other improper behaviour that Happytiger.co.uk considers contrary to the intent of the bonus (“bonus abuse”). Upon cancellation, the bonus and any winnings made from the bonus will be forfeited and will not be paid to the customer, and any amounts improperly paid out will be recovered. If there is not enough in the customer’s gambling account to cover the amount, Happytiger.co.uk may offset the outstanding amount against the customer’s future deposit of funds into the gambling account or against any winnings paid into the gambling account.

Funds in relation to an accepted bonus offer on Happytiger.co.uk is consumed in the following order: 1) the customer’s initial deposit of funds paid to activate a bonus, it is a condition that the initial deposit must be played through in full before any bonus funds are available, 2) bonus funds and any winnings from play with bonus funds, and 3) funds deposited for the participation in games not related to the acceptance of a bonus offer.
Happytiger.co.uk sometimes runs promotions. Specific terms and conditions apply to such promotions. These will be clearly displayed alongside the relevant promotion. If the customer breaches the conditions for participation in a promotion, or in the event of other improper behaviour that Happytiger.co.uk considers to be contrary to the intent of the promotion, Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to disqualify the customer and refuse to pay or award a prize or to recover any prize that has been improperly paid or awarded. Customers who lawfully win a prize from a promotion must accept the relevant prize “as is”. The customer will not be entitled to an alternative monetary prize unless Happytiger.co.uk chooses to offer this. When a customer wins a prize which is not in monetary form, Happytiger.co.uk will make all reasonable efforts to contact the winner using that person’s contact details. If Happytiger.co.uk has been unable to contact the winner within a reasonable time, Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to choose another winner instead of the original winner or to withhold or cancel the prize altogether, without any liability towards the winner. Happytiger.co.uk will not be liable if a promotion cannot be run as planned for reasons outside Happytiger.co.uk’s control.

7. Jackpot pools

Individual games may involve jackpot pools which increase with the wagers placed on the relevant game. A predefined percentage of the total wagers on the game will be added to the jackpot pool for the game; for more information, see specific rules for the game in question. If a jackpot is triggered, Happytiger.co.uk will deposit an amount in the jackpot pool, so no jackpot pool will ever be empty. This amount will be stated in the instructions for the relevant game. The customer is therefore guaranteed a minimum amount, plus a percentage of the total amount accumulated at the time when the jackpot pool is released. The customer can view the jackpot pool for every game at any time. The chance of winning a jackpot will increase in proportion to the amount wagered.
The jackpot will be awarded using a certified random number generator. If the result displayed in the game does not match the result held on Happytiger.co.uk’s server, or several customers believe they have won the same jackpot, the result held on the server will be used. Where Happytiger.co.uk becomes aware that there is a difference between these results, or where a customer claims to have won a jackpot, Happytiger.co.uk will examine the result on the server and the customer(s) involved will be informed by email of the result on the server and the outcome within 3 working days.
Happytiger.co.uk may temporarily suspend a jackpot scheme in the event of maintenance to servers, updates etc. It will be stated under the individual game whether the jackpot scheme has been temporarily suspended, and when it is expected to resume. When the jackpot scheme resumes, the pool will have the same value as before the interruption.
Happytiger.co.uk may terminate the jackpot scheme in a game at any time. This may be done with no less than two weeks’ notice. The date and time of the end of a jackpot scheme will be clearly shown when the customer enters the particular game. If a jackpot scheme is terminated as described above because a new game has been launched, the pool will be transferred to the jackpot pool for the other game.
In the games involving a jackpot pool, the chances of hitting the jackpot and the outcome of this will be improved with every credit staked in the game. The chance, and the outcome, will decrease again in that game when winnings from the game are paid out.

8. Chat

If the customer is provided with access to a chat function on Happytiger.co.uk, they must always use the chat function in compliance with the chat rules published by Happytiger.co.uk at any given time.

9. Responsible gambling

On account setup, a customer is given the option of setting a daily, weekly or monthly limit for (a) deposits into the customer’s gambling account and/or (b) losses (winnings subtracted from spend) on the customer's account. These limits will only apply when the customer opts to set a limit. If there is a conflict with a customer set deposit/loss limits, the lower limit will always apply. The deposit or loss limit can be changed at any time. A change to previously defined limits may be made by the customer in the gambling account. An increase to a previously defined deposit or loss limit will only take effect 24 hours after the request at which point in time the customer must take positive action to confirm the requested cooling off period. A decrease to a previously defined limit will apply immediately.
To cultivate healthy playing habits a customer will be offered the option of setting a fixed interval activity reminder, when playing games. The purpose of this reminder is to inform the customer that time has passed and give the customer an opportunity to reflect on whether it is time to take a break. When the activity reminder is set, you will be informed of the elapsed time as well as the customer’s total money spent and won since login. The activity reminder also provides a link to the customer’s gambling account history and an option to close the current game.
It is possible to request a time-out from gambling on Happytiger.co.uk any time. The customer can choose a time-out period of either:
  • 24 hours,
  • 7 days,
  • 30 days, or
  • any other period of up to 6 months
During the time-out period, the customer’s gambling account will be deactivated. The gambling account will automatically be reopened after expiry of the chosen time-out period.
A customer can exclude himself/herself from gambling for a minimum period of not less than 6 months and up to at least 5 years. Any chosen period can be extended for one or more further periods of at least 6 months.

If a customer wants to exclude himself/herself from gambling on Happytiger.co.uk, this can be done via either the customer’s gambling account or by contacting the Happytiger.co.uk’s customer service.
It is also possible for the customer to ask to be permanently excluded from gambling with all gambling providers, including Happytiger.co.uk, by registering with GAMSTOP, a national multi-operator self-exclusion scheme. GAMSTOP can be accessed online at https://www.gamstop.co.uk/register.
Happytiger.co.uk may close a gambling account at any time based on its assessment of account activity; this may include setting individual deposit and wager limits for the particular customer, if Happytiger.co.uk deems this to be necessary in the interests of responsible gambling based on the customer’s behavioural patterns. Please refer also to our page on responsible gambling on Happytiger.co.uk for further information on responsible gambling and gambling addiction. This contains links to self-tests, contact details for GAMSTOP and publicly supported treatment centres etc.
It is vitally important to Happytiger.co.uk, that gambling should be for entertainment only and should be approached with due consideration. Happytiger.co.uk is therefore constantly working to monitor accounts for signs of irresponsible gambling, so that intervention, advice and counselling can take place or be offered in good time. Happytiger.co.uk may contact the customer by telephone or writing-mail at any time, place restrictions on the customer’s gambling activity or block or close the gambling account, if Happytiger.co.uk detects signs of irresponsible gambling. Happytiger.co.uk is required to retain information on the customer’s behaviour and its risk assessment of the customer; see section 14.2.

10. Money laundering

As a casino operator, Happytiger.co.uk must comply with applicable anti-money laundering regulations and is required to regularly monitor, identify and investigate suspicious transactions, including deposits, wagers and withdrawals. Where there is any suspicion of money laundering, Happytiger.co.uk is legally obliged to submit a Suspicious Activity Report to the National Crime Agency.
In connection with gambling on Happytiger.co.uk, the customer declares and undertakes:
  • not to deposit funds into his/her gambling account that originates from criminal activities;
  • not to commit any criminal acts, including money laundering, that directly or indirectly involve the customer’s gambling account; and
  • to inform Happytiger.co.uk if they become aware of any suspicious activities in games on Happytiger.co.uk.
In the case of suspected money laundering, Happytiger.co.uk reserves the right to restrict, suspend or close a customer’s gambling account at any time, including withholding or recovering money, the right to ask additional verification questions and request further documentation as proof of source of funds or source of wealth and the right to report the customer to National Crime Agency where there is any evidence of suspicious activity relating to the customer’s account.

11. Playing from outside UK

Happytiger.co.uk’s gambling licence is issued by the Gambling Commission. Gambling on Happytiger.co.uk as a non-UK resident or whilst outside the UK may therefore be prohibited by that country’s laws. Happytiger.co.uk accepts no liability in this regard and will make reasonable attempts to block non-UK IP addresses from being used to register an account and gambling on Happytiger.co.uk.

12. Cancellation

Purchasing or taking part in gambling on Happytiger.co.uk are not covered by any right to cancellation. This means that purchased games cannot be cancelled.

13. Intellectual property rights

The customer acknowledges that copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in material or content included in Happytiger.co.uk remain the property of Happytiger.co.uk or its suppliers. The customer may only use this material to the extent required to participate in gambling on Happytiger.co.uk. The customer may not download the material or use it for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Happytiger.co.uk.

14. Processing of personal data

When the customer uses Happytiger.co.uk, Happytiger.co.uk will process the customer’s personal data in accordance with the law in force at any given time and according to Happytiger.co.uk’s privacy policy. Happytiger.co.uk’s privacy policy can be found on Happytiger.co.uk.
Under current legislation, Happytiger.co.uk is required to retain the customer’s personal identity and verification data for at least 5 years after the customer relationship with the customer has ended. Documents and records of the customer’s transactions must be retained for at least 5 years after the transactions were executed. Information on the customer’s behaviour and a risk assessment of the customer must be retained for 5 years; see section 9.6. Documents included in complaints cases must be retained for at least 2 years; see section 17.2.

15. Liability and disclaimers

A customer is liable for all games, transactions etc. on his/her gambling account executed by them personally or made possible by the customer’s deliberate or negligent actions or omissions.
If the customer finds errors or other irregularities in a game, it is the customer’s responsibility to stop the game immediately and inform Happytiger.co.uk’s support desk at [email protected]; the support desk will then investigate the matter more closely in order to determine the cause of the error and the impact it may have had. If the game continues regardless of errors or other malfunctions, or the customer does not contact Happytiger.co.uk, the chance of detecting the error will be lost or greatly reduced.
The customer agrees to indemnify Happytiger.co.uk, including Happytiger.co.uk ApS, its employees, board of directors, suppliers, etc. against any claims for compensation, damages, losses, costs etc. that may be presented or incurred as a result of the customer’s failure to comply with these terms and conditions.
The customer accepts that Happytiger.co.uk cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages or losses resulting from or in any way connected with gambling on Happytiger.co.uk, including where communication and gambling using Happytiger.co.uk’s systems are not possible, where the gambling account is accessed by a third party by means of a virus, malware or remote control, where technical faults occur on the servers used by Happytiger.co.uk to run the games, or where technical faults or the like arise on the customer’s computer, internet connection or other technical equipment used by the customer in order to gain access to Happytiger.co.uk.
The customer accepts that a certified random number generator will determine the results generated on Happytiger.co.uk. The games will thus run independently of the customer’s equipment and communication channel. If the result displayed to the customer does not match the result on Happytiger.co.uk’s server, Happytiger.co.uk will always verify the result on its server.
Happytiger.co.uk also reserves the right to close or suspend an ongoing or future game or tournament because of technical issues, or where Happytiger.co.uk suspects that there has been cheating or other improper behaviour which Happytiger.co.uk considers contrary to the intent of the games and the associated functionality.

16. Termination of the gambling account

The customer can terminate his/her account without notice at any time, either on Happytiger.co.uk or via Happytiger.co.uk’s customer service. Happytiger.co.uk is however required to retain the customer’s data for at least 5 years after termination of the customer’s gambling account; see section 14.
Happytiger.co.uk may also bring the agreement on the gambling account to an end without notice at any time if there has been a breach of the terms and conditions, the gambling account has not been used for a year or there are other grounds for invalidity under contract law. Happytiger.co.uk may also cancel the customer’s gambling account at any time.

If the customer does not use the gambling account for gambling for a period of 24 consecutive months, it becomes an "inactive account". Happytiger will notify the customer when the account becomes an inactive account and assist the customer should he/she wish to make use of the gambling account again. If the customer’s account remains an inactive account, for not less than 90 days following Happytiger’s first notification, Happytiger will attempt to pay the balance to the customer’s last payment method.
Upon termination, the customer’s gambling account will be closed and the balance on the account will be transferred to the customer’s bank account within 5 working days. If any ongoing game is not completed before the gambling account is closed, any stakes will be forfeited, and any unused free spins will be forfeited.

17. Complaints

If a customer wishes to make a complaint concerning Happytiger.co.uk, they should contact Happytiger.co.uk’s customer service team at 0800 102 6335 or [email protected] complaint must contain clear information about the customer’s account details and shall give all the relevant details that gave rise to the complaint.
Happytiger.co.uk will address the complaint as quickly as possible. If the outcome of a complaint has not been notified to the customer within 14 days, the customer will be given a timeframe for when a decision may be expected. Happytiger.co.uk is required to retain documents included in complaints cases, including rejected complaints, for at least 2 years; see section 14.2.
In the event that a complaint is not resolved to the customer's satisfaction by Happytiger.co.uk within 8 weeks of it being raised, the complaint becomes a dispute, and a customer may refer their dispute free of charge to the independent third-party dispute resolution. Happytiger.co.uk is using as its alternative dispute resolution (ADR) entity eCogra. Disputes may be lodged with eCogra at http://ecogra.org/ata/policies_procedures.php.

Customers may also use the Online Dispute Resolution Platform, but this will take customers to the (aforementioned) ADR and may prolong the process of resolving the dispute. For ODR Platform please follow: ODR Platform.